Embedding a Single Google Calendar

Get the URL from the Calendar

Go to your calendar settings.
Embed goog cal 1.png
Embed goog cal 2.png
  Under access permissions ensure your calendar is public.
Embed goog cal 35.png
  Now find the integration link.
Embed goog cal 3.png
Embed goog cal 4.png

Create a Statblock For It

Embed goog cal 5.png
  You need to have your world (or any world) set to have the RPG system of Generic Statblocks allowed for it, so you can find the 'Generic, Webpage (iFrame)' block.
Embed goog cal 6.png
  Past the URL of your calendar and give the block a name that allows you to find it.
Embed goog cal 7.png
  If you wanted the week view add the following to the end.
  If you want the agenda view. Substitute the word AGENDA for WEEK.   Scroll down. Save your changes. Then view your sheet.
Embed goog cal 8.png
  (My calendar is empty. But if yours has events the events should show up.)
Embed goog cal 9.png
  If it looks right copy the block link as shown. (Not the big green button. That will duplicate the sheet.)
Embed goog cal 10.png
  Paste the statblock where you need it.


Cover image: Hacks and Help Cover by krzysztof-m


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