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I love the manuscript code snippet that shows the book cover and a link. But there is no way to show what the manuscript is about. So for my stories and manuscripts, I created a statblock we can make a copy of to be able to show important details like the summary, links to characters, tags (genre, warnings, etc.)


Note: Statblocks are available for all WA members. Tricks that are for certain guild levels are noted with a box that looks like this.
What you'll need:
a manuscript or article to link to
a summary for your story or article
an image to serve as the cover
1-5 related articles to link to
a list of tags (genre, warnings, general info) to help the reader know what it's about

Our example:


This block gives you a way to show what your manuscript is about. Hover over the book image and you get a link to the story. Click here to see what it can look like on a page. (in this form spot - you give quick overview of the story)


Umeji Tatsuya


urban fantasy, Japan, yakuza, backstory


How to Get the Block

Here is the link to the block. From there you can click on the green 'Copy into (your world name)' to make a copy of the block.
View Statblock Menu
Once you have a copy of the block, edit it. Remember to give it a good name so you can find it again. View it. Then copy and paste the new block code (click 'LINK/' -> 'Copy Block') and paste into your page. Walah! Now you have a manuscript or article summary block.
View Statblock Menu

Note: Block templates are for Grandmaster+.

If you are comfortable with HTML, CSS and Twig (or want to learn them by tinkering) you can click 'Duplicate block template' and tweak the parameters. For more info:
Guide to Block Templates
Generic article | Feb 17, 2021

What are these statblocks you speak of?

How do I find them? And how do I find other community shared blocks?
Guide to Blocks
Generic article | Oct 12, 2020

Example Usage

To see how you might use it in your world, check out my list of manuscripts and stories.
Rise - Companion Stories
Generic article | Apr 12, 2021

Control the width of the box with columns or containers

Just like this:

  [col] [/col][/row]

To style it with CSS

Note: CSS Styling is for Guild members only.
Put the class name of the block (.template-story_manuscriptarticle_info_block-shyredfox-141) in front of the element or class you want to style. For example:
.user-css .template-story_manuscriptarticle_info_block-shyredfox-141 dt.phrase-key {
  color: blue;
This will allow you to change the <dt> element inside the block to make the bolded hearder-like text blue.

WARNING NOTE: the statblock templates can't use the 'at' mention link system (that I could find). So if you change the URL of your world or of the article or manuscript, you'll need to update the block.

How will you use this in your world?

I'd love to see how you use this. Leave a comment below or DM me so I can see. I know you guys will find even more creative ways to use this idea.

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Oooo fancy! Thanks for this!

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