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Incitone Kingdom


A feudal kingdom, the Incitone Kingdom is broken up into twelve holdings, each ruled over by a lord or lady, save for the central Katal Valley, which is directly ruled by the King, King Torvald Whitehammer IV . Below these nobles are the Knights and Magisters, and below them the mercantile class. Further below them are the skilled laborers, and finally the peasants who make up the majority of the population.


As the discoverers of Vaporomancy, they lead the world in Vaporomantic technologies such as the auric rail. The kingdom also has a massive stockpile of gold and silver for trade, and they maintain a sizable, well trained army.


Founded nearly a thousand years ago, the Incitone Kingdom grew out of an alliance of Dwarven lords who overthrew the previous masters of the Incitone Range. The foremost of these lords, lord Whitehammer became the first Dwarf king of the land, and over the years the kingdom has grown, expanding into the plains below the range and beyond.

We Rise as the Peaks.

Geopolitical, Country
High Katal
King Torvald Whitehammer IV
Head of State
King Torvald Whitehammer IV
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy
The official currency of the Incitone Kingdom is the Gold regent. A single regent can be divided into ten crowns, and each crown can be divided into ten pennies. Rarer coins include the half-regent and the ten-regent piece, with larger denominations being unnecessary as of yet.
High Katal
Controlled Territories
Notable Members

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