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Gwynmald is a land of sweeping vistas, covered in towering mountains that stand miles high, forests as ancient as life itself, and deep seas teeming with all manner of life. It is a world where magic is ancient yet still poorly understood, in which civilization and the wilds still clash.   On the eastern continent of Gaameset, where we begin our tale, the mighty Incitone Kingdom, long a minor trade empire has struck upon two great discoveries, which have propelled them forward to be the most prominent of the nations in their sphere. The first of these is the discovery of the ancient magic of Vaporomancy, the creation and manipulation of superheated steam. This discovery allowed them to create the first Vapor-sailers, great ships which can move many leagues through the use of steam engines. The second of their great discoveries is the Auric rail system, a new method of transport which allows immense vehicles to move across the land at great speed, powered by powerful vaporic engines. But laying new Auric rail necessitates the mapping of lands long uncharted, and the call to adventure has gone up across Gaameset. These brave souls hope to map the world, to uncover ancient secrets, and above all, to get filthy stinking rich.