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Gullonde The Alocian plane of Fertility

182 ND

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Editorial Team

Additional credit to Nyanacide(Ugh) and Strix(Abwyn) for many additions and creations in this world I have spent many days conjuring in my mind.

The time is 182 ND in the world of Gullonde...
It has been nearly 2 centuries since the demon lord usurper Lucav was banished back to the Lucavi plane and imprisoned for his crimes. The beings of gullonde have had much time to breathe free and safe. This period has eased tensions and brought about an age of prosperity in most of the world. Old enemies have made peace and some hold old enmities below the surface.
A group of adventurers renovating an old keep outside of the Kingdom of Korzhad discovered an ancient evil still stirring in the ruins of the Human city, Hadnes. The party searched far and wide, finally to be led to the ruins of another city, a ruin forged by sheer circumstance rather than the breath of a dragon. The mountain city ruins of Aesur, known as Aeskurr to Dwarves, contained many secrets. One such secret was a keystone, a gateway, back to the homeworld of Dwarvenkind. This gateway known as Unrol Eron Khrum was a way to relink the sister world Varthea to Gullonde and perhaps uncover the agents in a much bigger ploy...

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