Pillars of our RP

Member Engagement

The guild's design it to tell great stories. Our members are key to that end goal so we encourage our members to come forward with story ideas, character plots, and event ideas. Should there ever be something you wish to see in the stories please bring it to an officer so that we can try to implement it as best as possible!


World Rules and Limitations

In order to maintain a consistent RP experience for everyone, we follow the below pillars of the world. This helps maintain a measure of realism, consistency, and challenge to our stories.


World Constraints

Weather and World

This category pertains to the usual factors of things like gravity, needing air to breathe in most cases, and needing food to sustain activity. This is a world with close to earth physics and reality in most cases and so we follow the same type of logic. In addition, we also use weather, time of day, seasons, and overall magical effects within the world to heighten our experience.

Travel Time

Being an adventure style guild traveling time is very integral to our story. Unfortunately, there are so many conflicting ways to measure the world of Azeroth as far as it's size goes that we cannot say for sure how long it takes to get anywhere by lang travel. So the guild works with the idea of it taking roughly one week to traverse one zone. This means that if we were to travel from Stormwind to Booty Bay the trip would take us roughly 3-4 weeks without stops traveling about 9 hours a day.


Laws are complicated. We do not wish to hinder players by handing them a five hundred page codex of made up laws so instead, we use a system close to feudal era Europe which the Alliance kingdoms are roughly based on. This means that the lord or leader of any given Alliance village/town has complete authority over the law when it comes to the average citizen. Bounties can be placed and carried out, even against a player or the Guard should they cross the wrong people, arrests can happen and trials can take place. Killing a guard that approached you on the road may not be the best course of action! That being said should something happen that places the Guard or its members against one side of the law it will be played out as a full storyline.


Resources are not unlimited. Gold gets spent, food gets eaten or spoiled, armor needs repairing. These resources are kept track of and used as we tell our stories and will often cause us to be creative on how we use the items, and what the cost to benefit is when undertaking plot points.

Character Constraints

Carry Weight

No we do not count every gram of weight your character is lugging around. We do however take into account the amount of stuff the guard has overall and uses it to help create realism in our stories. For example, if you do not have a big bag of Holding then it is not likely you will be able to bring along every scrap of junk and loot you find while exploring. We cannot carry enough food to feed fifteen hungry fighters for a week on our backs. By adding in some of these details we can work together to make a fully fleshed out story that has a good balance of choices and challenges.

Sickness and Injury

While the common cold may not be so common in the world of Azeroth sickness and injuries do happen all the time. From deadly ones such as the Red Pox to pneumonia and yes even the sniffles, these sicknesses can cause a character to need more bed rest than usual and to seek healing from an outside source be it medicine or magic. The same is true of injuries. Though often harder to cure instantly these wounds help to bring realism into our RP. Breaking a leg may put your character in the back of the wagon for a week, unable to do any fighting. A slice over the belly needs stitches, cleaning, and rest. These changes in a character can create wonderful storylines and progression and do not always have to be negative.

Madness and Addiction

Madness and addiction are key points in the lore of Azeroth. From the call of the Old Gods to the addictive properties of Arcane and Fel magic. It is important to our storytelling that these aspects be taken into account. Should you create a character dependant on magic such as the Rendorei we do expect to see that reflected in your RP with the group. Likewise, we do hold events revolving around the Old Gods and during these events, a Madness meeter is applied to each character. while there are things to mitigate the effects should Madness take hold the character's actions are then taken over by the DM of the event. Once the event is over the player will be given back control over their character to seek treatment in order to sure the mental instability which we do have solutions for. Madness is something that we also expect to see reflected in effected characters as they recover just as NPC characters would have to recover from the side effects.


Death happens in the real world and in WoW. We will never force character death upon someone should they chose not to take it; however, we do encourage our players to look into the story being told and make good choices by their character. Heavy plot armor is not something we actively encourage in our campaigns nor do we wish to encourage players to become reliant on the GMs and officers to always protect their character from harm.

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