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Guardian Universe

Guardian Universe comprises multiple media products about the invisible, parallel realm of spiritual warfare that permeates our world and the eternal war for human souls that rages around us.

The Book

The title product, The Guardian Universe, by Geoff Young (2021), is a non-fiction book that describes in great detail the core theology of the entire franchise, and serves as a foundational reference for all other products and creations within.    

The Video Game

Dark Garden is a video game designed by Joel Cutter and produced by Geoff Young, in which the player commands guardian angels in an effort to save souls in WW2 Nazi-occupied Belgium. It features a "god mode" strategy layer, open-world RPG play as a Guardian angel, and dramatic tactical turn-based spiritual warfare battles between Angels and Demons.    

The Novel

Anne (Eternal War Book 1), is a novel written by Joel Cutter and Geoff Young, in which a Guardian Angel tries to protect a 13-year-old orphan girl in WW2 Nazi-occupied Belgium. A heart-pounding, front-seat ride in the war for human souls amidst the largest war and most heart-breaking tragedies the world has ever known, Anne is the most harrowing and unforgettable example of hope you have ever read.
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