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A high magical world with a hole where the planet splits apart and lets its innards flow towards space. Somehow, the planet nor its life has ended, instead, the hole in the world has brought upon new and interesting mysteries.  


Gry has abundant, sapient life; From the Khazans who look like feathered elves, to the Yhendori who are canine satyrs with unique antlers. Rather than one species dominating, there are multiple, sapient species coinciding with each other. There is also interesting animals, such as Edellas, a combination of a weasel and boar, and Rhugers, which seem to be a combination of an elephant and a walrus. Even plant life is unique and tends to wear a blue hue, turning into purple, pink, and peach when it dies.  


Magic runs rampant in Gry, so much so it is in most sapient life. Magic is said to have arrived when the hole in the world was made. Though theories and speculations on where magic comes from and what it is, each species seems to have a general idea of what and how they use magic, even going so far as to get their magic from other sources. Rarely do these sources intermingle between races, despite the races being benevolent lately. Most spell casting comes from biology, which makes it harder for allied races to share their magic tactics, even if the true sources are similar, such as having religion. Such sources of magic could be from the wielder's blood, runes or languages, religion and beliefs, gemstones, and just general mana sometimes.  


Time flows a bit differently in Gry. While a year is essentially as long as an Earth year, the months are cut and are replaced to be seasons instead of having three months in a season. Basically, every month is a different season. Also, the northern hemispheres and the southern hemispheres have different 'calendars' to match the proper season at the proper time. Due to it being confusing to just swap the month names for north and south, they instead chose to have a different, albeit similarly running calendar for north and south. There is, however, a new global calendar trying to be put in place, with very much struggle.  


To Earth
While Gry is indeed its own planet and creation, some things listed will be compared to actual Earth, if you couldn't tell. As human beings, we normally can't actually think and see anything but what we know--Which is being a human being. So things will tend to be in reference to Earth sometimes, despite trying to get a bit "out there." Nonetheless, I do hope you enjoy~!

Games & Stories

From The Author
Lately, I have been running games in this setting, such as D&D5e. I'm not really currently open for others to join that I don't know of. I am also attempting to write a story about this setting as well. Such things are tagged to note that they are related to either the TTRPGs I am running or the attempted novel. Novel stuff will probably be free in the end, almost like a wiki, mostly because there will probably be music in some pages, like this one. The TTRPG things are going to be thought over on whether it is 'cannon' or not. Most of it probably is, but if there is a tag that relates to a session or similar, there may be another tag next to it to denounce it as only being there for the game, and not actually cannon to this world.