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High Chief, Peaceful, Beloved Kyotunde Dosou-Eya (a.k.a. Tunde)

Kyotunde, called Tunde, is the High Chief of the Dosou-Eya chieftaincy, Tunde is known for his proficiency with observation and logical reasoning, possibly due to his taking the Rite of the Road of Scholars. He is apart for he subgroup of scholars known as Griot.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Youth   Tunde was born in a small farming village as the youngest son of a little known chief that was also a goat farmer. He was a child that always dreamed of adventure with his older brother, Tunji. When old enough, they both enlisted as Spearmen in the Imperial Ten Thousand. They quickly rose up the ranks. Tunji became First Spear of First Palace of Exiles, with Tunde as his First Sentry, together they protected Imperial Family members in exile.   Becoming a Lion   Later in a mission to transport an The Imperial Prince back to the Imperial Train, Tunji and his group came under attack. Being not far from the palace, Tunji was able to hold off the attack until Tunde and a group from the palace were able to reenforce his group and repel the attack. For their efforts, the Imperial Prince asked the Emperor to raise both their ranks to Lions in the Imperial Ten Thousand, to which the request was answered.   Soon after the brothers were called home for the funeral of their father. Their eldest brother would be taking the title of chief of their tribe. He asked his brothers to resign their titles in the Imperial Thousands and help defend their family's land. Tunji declined and after an argument with the eldest brother, Tunde decided to stay and Tunji returned to the Imperial Thousands. Tunde already holding the title of Lion, he was made Lion of the Dosou tribe.   While serving as his Tribe's champion, he and his tribe's army were called up by the Southern Pillar to put down the religious rebellion of the Burning Axe During this time he became close friends with Gedyon, the Southern Pillar's son and champion. But they soon fell out, when they were both courting and competing for the hand of a young initiate of the Road of Scholars, Asende. They would secretly agree to duel for Asende that Gedyon won due to fighting unfairly. But as Asende cared for Tunde their bond would become stronger to where she would reject all of Gedyon's further advance.   Walking the Road of Scholars and becoming Tribe Chief   Tunde and Asende soon married, but Tunde still healing fought to regain normal use of his leg. Asende nursed him until he was able to walk again but fighting was something totally different. He tried everything, from different weapons to even trying to develop a new fighting style. When all failed, he knew he would have to give up the title of Lion if he couldn't fight with his tribe.   He soon left the Road of Warriors and, under the suggestion of Asende and took his rite of the Road of Scholars, becoming one of the few to walk both roads. The Dosou tribe went without a true Lion for 10 years and his eldest brother died on a hunt, leaving to Tunde the chieftaincy of the tribe. He and Asende also produced no children no matter how much they tried. He thought of sending Tunji, who had become Lion General of Exum a message recalling him home to be the tribal lion but doing so would be asking Tunji to turn his back on the Empire, but he had no choice as rumors of outlaws were making their way down the savannah.   The day after Tunde sent the message, a girl, named Rint, arrived at their doorstep. She was albino just like Tunji, claiming to be Tunji's adoptive daughter and a member of the Imperial Ten Thousand. She was delivering the dead body of his brother back to his home lands along with his reward and the decree from the Emperor that for his brother's service he was promoting his tribe to the Great Chieftaincy.   Alerts from savannah villages told of the raiders, Tunde, Rint and her men rode out to meet the threat head on. Unable to fight, Tunde played the role of strategist and helped Rint and her men defeat the raiders. Impressed with with her prowess and with her being a member of their tribe, he offered her the title of Lion and all of the men under her command a sub-chieftaincy under him. They all agreed, strengthening the Dosou tribe, now the Dosou-Eya.



Brother (Vital)

Towards Tunde




Brother (Vital)

Towards Tunji



Current Location
Kyotic Peoples
Currently Held Titles
199 AFP 270 AFP 71 years old
Grey-Black Dreadlocks
5 ft 10
Quotes & Catchphrases
"True wisdom is the understanding of the underlying concepts, how they relate to situations that seem irrelevant but really are not."
Aligned Organization
Dosou-Eya Tribe
Other Affiliations

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Journeyman RwbyMoon
Benjamin Andula
20 Jul, 2018 10:19

Holy freak ! That story is damn long ! I guess it's obvious the main critic I could say is that you basically have a too packed, linear formatting, perhaps try to work with artworks, BBCodes ?

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20 Jul, 2018 13:22

Phew, your article is kinda hard to follow. Try a bit of formatting, a few more headlines or pictures for example. Your English being "not the yellow of the egg" (as we would say in German) sadly reinforces this effect.

James L
20 Jul, 2018 14:06

I like the story; it does however need some of the titles, ranks, and other details from the world expanding on to help make things click into place a little bit more easily for those reading it.