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Road of Scholars

The Road of Scholars was one of the first of the Three Noble Roads to be "paved" by the First Griot. Similar to the Road of Warriors it is a religious rite taken by all scholars over Exum by members of the Orishic religion. Just as the those on the Road of Warriors are called Beloved, those on this particular road are referred to with the title, Peaceful.   The Road of Scholars has two professions:
  • Griots: who can call upon the songs to recall history at a certain point in time.
  • Witching Doctors: the traditional healers and mediums to the spirit world.
  Those on the Road of Scholars worship all of the Orishas of knowledge. Those that fail to follow the edicts of the Road and stray unto the magics, sciences, and practices of the Faeroahs are known as the Dishonored. The most infamous of the dishonored is the Society of the Spinx.


The First Griot is said to have "paved the road" while learning the primordial histories from the Sphinx, Nofdeti while under the Learning Tree. It is said that the only way that the First Griot could memorize the histories was through song. Nofdeti enjoyed his song so much that he *invested* his song with some of the magics of the the Faeroahs and it became known as the First Song. The First Griot was able to teach these songs to others and was able to write song for Makonnen and that song has been added to with each emperor that has come after, becoming known as the Song of Chiefs.


The initiated start they rite by swear to all the Orishas of knowledge and are blessed under the Learning Tree. Griots must prove that they have learned the five songs and work the magics of the Song of Learning that ingrains the knowledge of the of the mystic into the blood of the witch doctors.   Before a iniate can become a witch doctor, they are given a message to convey to someone in the spirit-world, they are then taken to a stone slab and are given multiple cuts over their body. A griot will stand over them and sing the the Song of Learning putting them into a trance and transporting them into the spirit world. There they are met and tested by their ancestors to prove they are a vessel strong enough to handle the knowledge being sung into them. Those that are rejected by their ancestors are violently kicked out of the spirit world and those that are said to have survived are often crippled by the experience.

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26 Jul, 2018 22:25

Interesting concept! At the beginning it says there are four (4) branches but only two are listed. There are also a couple of areas where it is a bit difficult to read, mainly due to flow and some syntax. However, I did get the gist of the idea and its intriguing! Well done on that!

Keontez George
27 Jul, 2018 02:43

Firstly, thanks for taking the time to read and comment, I really appreciate it. Could you detail which parts were hard to read?

Keontez George
27 Jul, 2018 02:48

Also, the Songs will probably be gone over in the Griots article since their the ones that have to learn the songs.

28 Jul, 2018 03:32

It's mainly syntax errors, as I said, which would probably be better to relay and fix over discord to not clutter the comment section. If you can't find someone willing, find me on the discord: Mythic Revenant :)

26 Jul, 2018 22:38

The different roads are reminding me of Jade Empire's different paths. Definitely makes me excited to learn more about these scholars! I would like to see more about the various songs they sing.

Keontez George
27 Jul, 2018 01:25

Maybe I should look at Jade Empire and see how they’re doing this.

26 Jul, 2018 23:51

It might be due to the fact it's incomplete but i'm curious to know if there's more to this. It seems like there's a lot of names and term being thrown around but lacking the context to this.