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Eight Aspected

The Eight Aspected were the human forms of the Ont, believed to be sent here to guide creation and particularly humanity. They are believed to traverse from the spirit world to the physical to influence the goings on of the human lives based either to favor those that they deemed blessed at their birth or for more selfish reasons.
  Neither good nor evil, but surely what some of their actions are is selfish. They manipulate us, giving us gifts, some are even said to hide amongst us, disguised as mundane-beings like ourselves as to not draw attention when in a close vicinity with us. Some save use from Jidè's embrace, while other's deliver us to the hereafter like some buttered hog at a summer feast.

Divine Origins

Cosmological Views

Each Aspected had their own constellation that showed up during certain times in the night sky during different seasons.


The priest were a human concept that the Aspected didn't adhere to. In Exum, they were the Hogon there were the leaders of the Orishic cults. In Djangru the Sagon people had the Uigan, who was said to be the people that acted as intercessors between the living and their ancestors.

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