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Creation Myth

Long ago in the Time Before Time, the Ont created a world for it to live. But the space where the world was created was infected and the world became populated with demons. The Ont began a mission to exterminate the demons, but they were too much even for the Ont’s supreme power, so the Ont retreated outside the world. As it retreated, the demons gathered and raised a firmament over the world to keep the Ont out. The Ont then created four beings named the Four Knights of the Wind to cleanse the world and destroy the Firmament to allow itself entry. The Four Knights warred with the demons for a time but then corrupted themselves, by laying down with demons and spawning the four founding races that called themselves the People of the Wind. The Aral of Djangru, a four armed race that could fight in the high altitudes. The Nihl of Ridera Minor, a once superior noble race, driven mad by the death of demon Magic’s. The Jaari'i of Pardes and Eden, they were tall with blue skin veined with grey. Once a huge skirmisher force in a war against the demons. And lastly, the Knocsi of Greater Ridera. They were the most demon like of all of the founding races in appearance with large fangs and horns. Even while corrupted in the Ont’s eyes, the knights and these founding races who grew to the size of armies, continued the war with the demons until they retreated to the seas and the far frozen reaches.   The creation of these races upset the Ont. As it believed the world was suppose to be for itself and it alone. The Ont attempted to destroy the world and start over but its plan backfired. The Ont attempted to destroy the world and start over but its plan backfired. It’s power was put forced back on itself, causing it to split into countless spores that fell upon the earth. The spores landed on planet populating the world with humans, essentially completing the Ont’s mission in giving him a world for itself.   The first eight of the humans contained the Ont’s consciousness. These aspects of the Ont became known by many names by the humans that populated the world. In the Rideran region, they were know as the Immortal Eight, in the land that became Ilmeya, they were known as the Orishas , in Pardes and Eden they were known as the Divine Fortunes. Somewhere in the time after time, they became venerated as gods themselves by humans, because of their aspects and the power they held.   The Humans carried a difficult relationship with the People of the Wind. Many wars happened lead by the aspected humans against the People of the Wind due to their demon blood. But eventually a pact was created, the Aspected would recognize the Four Knights as older siblings and fellow aspected of the Ont. The People of the Wind, would be respected and accepted as their heirs but humans would be held higher as they like the knights and aspected came directly from the Ont.

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