Year 431 of the Kings Crowning

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Plague, Filth, Foul, Disease and Death!
The World of Grimmauld has always been a hostile place to live; where everyday life is bleak, and full of despair. Survival is the best that any can hope for; with the dangers that hide within every shadow; and where nightmares can become reality in a moments notice.
There is nowhere more familiar with this--than the Kingdom of Breznvaczech.
If you are not born into a life of luxury; a life of power; a life of wealth and decadence; or a life with a measurement of guaranteed safety--than it is likely you will never know those privileges.
Ruled by the High King of Autumn Court ; the Kingdom of Breznvaczech is one of constant suspicion of your neighbor; a constant grip of fear; oppression by those who hoard their wealth; and covet the power of those greater than themselves.
Grimmauld is on the slow and volatile path towards inevitable destruction.
The World is beginning to die; resources are starting to dwindle; Beast grow increasingly violent; and it all seems to stem from The Script--that which governs the balance between Law and Chaos within the world.
There is perhaps no Kingdom that is more greatly affected that that of the Kingdom of Breznvaczech