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Greetings denizens of the Great City of Greystone. Life is what you make of it here in this vast world city, the bounds of which encompass the grand continent itself.... The city is massive think of it like the size of Africa it is the only landmass that anyone knows about Think Renaissance + High magic... A couple of key historic bits of info The city is ancient it has been existent and expanding since history remembers, so with that being said the city is labyrinthine and ruins have been built over itself and as you get to more of the center of the city the more dense and over built it becomes the edges of the city are less developed About 300 years prior the the start of our story one of the great families of the city the Courdovls let an extermination of dragonborne Lastly rulership of Greystone is maintained by the Conclave a collection of old money nobles, new money merchant debutantes, wizards, of all races ( minus the dragonborne due to the troubled past of the city)

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