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TROOP/MOB TEMPLATE Troop and mobs come in two basic varieties: lesser and greater. Formed units are larger, slower and more cohesive than unformed units. The template can be applied to any medium creature.   Type: Gains the (troop) subtype   Size: Creatures size changes to gargantuan. When a troop have their hit points reduced by 1/3 their size changes to Huge. When their hit points are reduced by 2/3 they become large creatures.   The increase in size does not effect STR, CON or DEX.   Move: Greater troops have a -10 to their speed and are counted as being squeezed if a large creature would be squeezed while moving. Lesser troops maintain their movement and are only considered squeezed if one of their component creatures would be considered squeezed.   Hit Dice: Formed units gain 30 HD while unformed units gain 15 HD. These extra hit dice do not garner extra feats or skill points (keep base creatures). These extra hit dice are based on the creature type in regards to the bonus to attacks and save.   Initiative: Greater troops take a -4 to initiatives while lesser troops take a -2   Armor Class: Takes a -4 penalty while gargantuan and a -2 penalty while large.   Attacks: Takes a -4 penalty while gargantuan and a -2 penalty while large. In regards to combat maneuvers’ there is no -4 or -2 attack but instead a +4 or +2 bonus to CMB instead   Skills: Same as base creature.  Do not increase with increased hit dice.   Feats: Same as base creature.  Doesn't increase with increased hit dice but does receive Improved Grapple and Improved Bull Rush as bonus feats.   ATTACK OPTIONS Swarm Attack (Ex): A troop can occupy squares of individual creatures (representing surrounding characters). Any individual creature in this area is subject to a single melee attack as a free action.   A creature can make iterative attacks if they have high enough base attack bonus.   Volley (Ex): A mob can cover an area if it has a ranged weapon attack as a regular attack option. The volley is an area of effect with a size equal to the troops current space (gargantuan or huge). Targets with in this area are considered to be automatically hit but can make a reflex save to avoid damage (DC = 10 + ½ Hit Dice + Dex).   In the alternative the troop can focus on one target in which case the volley deals double damage and is resolved as a normal attack (attack roll required but no reflex save is allowed).   A creature can make iterative attacks if they have high enough base attack bonus.   Expert Grappler (Ex): A troop is never considered as being in a grapple while grappling.   Trample (Ex): A mob that moves through a creatures space but doesn’t end their movement with that creature still in their space is subject to trample effect. Those creatures take 2d6+1.5 strength bonus bludgeoning damage. Victims of this attack can make an attack of opportunity against the mob or attempt a reflex save (DC = 10 + ½ Hit Dice + STR modifier) to avoid the damage.   Troops and swarms are immune to this attack.   Individual Tactics (Ex): A troop as a free action can perform the equivalent of a standard (non-attack) action. Note abilities with a set number of uses still only have their standard limitations.   Group Tactics (Ex): As a full-round action a troop can perform a non-attack action which normally effects a limited number of targets to effect as an area of effect spell equal to the troops current space size.   This ability also allows troops to effect other troops and swarms as individual creatures.   SPECIAL QUALITIES Troop Anatomy (Ex): A troop is not subject to any effect which effects a limited number of targets unless the effect has a chance of totally removing a creature from battle (i.e. Hold Person or Slay Living). In the latter case instead of the normal effect the Troop receives a negative level.   Troops are more susceptible to damaging area of effect attacks, taking an addition 50% damage.   Troops cannot be flanked and are immune to critical damage. They are also not susceptible to the following conditions: trip, grappled, bull rush, dirty trick, disarm, drag or reposition.   Chaos of the Mob (Ex): Because the chaos of being overwhelmed by multiple creatures spell casters must make a caster level check (DC = 20 + spell level) to cast spells. Using skills the require patience requires concentration and a Will save DC of 20 to perform.   Troop Loot (Ex): A troops treasure is calculated using the base creature however each creature is considered to have the item in question. When victors claim prizes it is only the single item recovered (others are considered destroyed/damage or taking by flee remnants of the troop)

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