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Greis is home to a powerful population of elemental beings, having incredibly varied environments in each nation contributing to this. These beings have existed since the beginning of time, offering balance in their universe by simply existing, as without them, nothing would be formed besides basic matter. Originally, the elementals lived together in a equally difficult area, but overtime they were able to identify their weaknesses and create tailored environments for their tolerances and weaknesses, allowing them to grow stronger than ever before. But with strength and numbers, comes the need for leadership, coming in the form of democratic nations. Five of them exist across the planet, each housing hundreds of elemental variations stemming from its original element. There is The Greenhouse for earth-based elementals, The Furnace for fire-based elementals, The Aquarium for water-based elementals, The Freezer for ice-based elementals, and The Station for mixed elementals or elementals that do not fit in a specialized zone.   A long period of peace had befallen the elemental peoples, and they have lived in tolerance and cooperation for many years. However, a recent resource shortage that elementals can’t produce has caused many ethical conflicts, and elements are turning against each other rapidly. Planetary mercenaries are taking notice of this, and are coming to the planet by the shipload to enslave and the angered and confused citizens. Due to the separation of the elements, however, not much help is given to their fellow neighbors. If somebody doesn’t do something to help Greis out soon, the universe may soon become unbalanced.

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