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Eilak and the Youngling (Eye-lac)

An Eilak frolicked in the new spring grass, its hide warming in the morning sun. It chuffed and cried, welcoming the warm months and the bounty of food. It found a rock with a small pool of water on it and savored a drink of the night cooled water. This is when it heard a quiet sob, and the Eilak looked up and found but a youngling with barely any tusks poking from their mouth. "Young one, why do you cry? Do you not see that Sky-Father wakens once more to make grass on Earth-Mother? Come join our exercize." The child slow looked around before seeing the Eilak smiling at them. "Oh, hello. Kin, my father is sick from the winter, and hasn't stirred since. The Shaman said his wounds won't heal and he will die." "Yes, but do you not have more parents? They will protect you when Father is gone. Did the Shaman not explain this?" the Eilak replied trotting around nervously. "The Shaman did, but if he dies i will not see him again. I will not hunt with him again. I have not learned all he has to teach." the child slumped. The Eilak began to chortle and jump. The youngling roared in challenge and jumped on the Eilak, trying to rattle it. The Eilak suddenly threw the youngling away, and laughed still. "You are not too young and foolish still! You did not ask of the Shaman the right questions. I tell, when I was young like you, I too watched my Father die, but I did not fret. Our fathers were both good and they will be missed, but their deads are simply changes not ends." The Youngling's anger melted like the snow, "What do you say? Changes?" "Yes, for the death of one raises the life of another. My Father's energy, passed to your mother's womb to created you. Your Father will pass to the womb of another, Eilak or Clan. You may even come to befriend them again in time and teach them as your Father taught you. This is the truth." the Eilak spoked while pacing around the child. The Youngling thought on this for a while. The Eilak chewed on the new grass. "So, I will see Father again?" the Youngling asked with caution. "Yes, in a way, you Father's death leaves you behind to teach you that you must learn how to continue when he comes backs to learn anew. All things take turns, like Sky-Father and Earth-Mother." The Eilak respond. "Let us play in the sunlight as it our turn to do so!" the Youngling with tusks barely poking from their mouth jumped up and ran off. The Eilak chuffed and ran after the Youngling


This is a fable to teach younglings about some core beliefs of the Orcish culture. It features an Eilak, who are a very important herd animal to the Orcish nomadic clans. It also deals with death as a transition, the idea that your spirit or energy brings new life. Some pertinant terms are in regards to cultural themes. The Eilak mentions exercise when refering to his frolicking. This ties in the casual value of physicality. The Youngling then refers to the Eilak as kin. This is a common way in which the Orcs speak of their herds, as siblings.

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