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The date is the 10th of Hatches, Year 307. War has been raging between the 7 Houses for 7 years now, after 75 years of perfect peacetime.   House Arrondon of the West, an old leader of the realm, is left bleeding from horrors almost a century ago. It desperately wants to help its old friend House Borefear of the South East, who is about to fall at the hands of House Bannerreach. House Bannerreach is a young, hungry and ambitious house of Mid-World.   House Sturm of the North East has grand plans, shadowy methods and unclear motives. House Grattanion of the North suffers in wartime with no trade, no concrete alliances and paranoia. House Spikewren of the South is a jealous and bitter House, with hatred of its neighbours. Finally, the lands of House Smith show a closed-off society, dominated by wealth, secrets and no loyalty to anyone.   In Year 225, following the The Atrocity of The Yellow Sept, the 7 Houses committed to The Peace. Each House handed over a valuable and unique Artefact as a symbol of peace to the Mediator of the Realm, thus halting a long and bloody continuous conflict for realm supremacy. Now the Mediator is dead and the 7 Artefacts are missing, and you have been tasked with finding the truth.     Greedpeaks on DND Beyond

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