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Greater Glentry

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The gods of Glentry raised the land from the sea in order to have space to roam and battle for their own honor. The good and evil gods made a deal. The creator of the races that survived the longest could would be considered the god of gods. Underworld gods made Orcs, Tieflings, and other “evil leaning” races and placed them on southern lands they had raised from the sea. The gods of the sky created humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes, and other similar beings and placed them towards the northern edge of Greater Glentry.   Over time these races mixed and blended until the evil and good couldn’t coexist without conflict. As the land-bound races were stuck in a stalemate between north and south Glentry the battle moved to the Islands and eventually the gods got involved. Gods appeared to lesser beings, endowing them with powers over elements and supernatural forces to give them an edge over their enemies.   As the battles raged, the gods of the skies raised up heroes, Paladins, to defeat their enemies and the Island of Torch Key, Old Port Island, and nearly all of Greater Glentry became a safe relm for those who aligned with the Gods of the skies. Beaverlech and Southern Greater Glentry became a stronghold for all of the races that were considered “evil” by those in Northern Glentry. Infighting between races and the lack of leadership or government caused the inhabitants to be stuck in tribal warfare and rarely venture out of the places the Paladins of the war had sent them.   In Greater Glentry, magic slowly became only used for worship of the gods of the skies. As creatures from Beaverlech and Southern Greater Glentry began to make their way across to Torch Key Island laws were passed to keep their “kind” from using magic. Magic for combat became, while not illegal, taboo and only something governments would use without speaking of it.       THE GLENTRY ISLANDS   Having been torn by a decade long war, the Glentry Islands have spent the last thirty years rebuilding. Cities that were bombarded and held under siege for years at a time have just began to reestablish their industry and commerce. The seeming prosperity has begun to bring newcomers to the Harbors of Torch Key Island. People from the main Continent and surrounding archipelago make their way to Torch Key with hopes of riches, settlement, and a new beginning.   Human King Un Shadumal, the king of Torch Key is well known for his accomplishments in war and his half brother, Liu Shadumal, as Chief Governor, gained fame through his leadership after the war, building and managing the estates of the kingdom. After conquering all of Torch Key Island and running the warrior class of Beaverlech back to their legendary home Island, the kingdom had to be brought to civility and a system of classes, nobles, and peasantry had to be established. This was done, mostly through the efforts of the king’s half brother.   Your adventure begins in the city of Torch Key as you are summoned to the Governor’s quarters to receive the first of your three assignments to earn a Lordship under the kingdom of Torch Key.   This assignment is to collect taxes from the villagers at Torch Key Village. They haven’t been payed for three months. Your assignment is to find out why the taxes haven’t been paid and to bring the total amount due back to the Governor with haste.