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Graveyards of Fire

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World of worlds, a casualty of its own chaos. Long ago the Spider dreamed of an end to the cycle of creation and destruction, fearing the inevitability of entropy, and planned a way to take it for themselves. The scheme worked, and the Fire - that which burned bright with creation - was broken into pieces and banished. Inevitably, the Maw - that which hungered and could never be sated - followed the Fire. With them both gone, Spider was free to erect great barriers and isolate their special world from everywhere else.   ... But the Fire. The Fire still remained, in other places - and the Maw, sure enough, followed it. Fearing it would be snuffed out in such a weakened state, the Fire's many fragments and facets - each reflecting different aspects and natures - set about to make themselves stronger, often by latching on to and altering things of the places they were banished too.   Each of these worlds struggles in its own ways, a graveyard of its own potential. But light can be found in unusual places, and even a memory can have great power...

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