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Graveyard of Worlds

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Humanity was always running on borrowed time. Despite managing to survive the Cold War, the butcher's bill for the centuries of overexploitation were coming due. In 2107, the last rocket blasted off. In 2189, the final radio broadcast ceased. Earth continued to spin through space, slowly transforming itself into another Venus.   The galaxy is a graveyard of worlds. Scattered throughout the cosmos, the rare sight of inhabitable planets are cursed with their doom - intelligent life. Nuclear annihilation and runaway climate change have ravaged thousands of worlds, leaving their resident species only footnotes in galactic history.   Hundreds of years after the destruction of Earth, the children of Mars and Alpha Centauri finally encounter a species that did not suffer the same fate as the others. After a short war borne of misunderstanding, the Humans and Amanth found that the culture shock would be far more devastating to their societies than the Interstellar War.   Humanity, ever fractured, is dealing with political division and conflict throughout its three major factions over how to handle the aliens. Meanwhile, the Amanth must grapple with an unequal society and the new human influence, while investigating their mysterious origins. But a wrench is about to be thrown into the works, in the form of a third surviving species that will shake the new galactic order to it's core...