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Built underneath the colliding forms of two massive skyscrapers (picked clean, of course, of everything that doesn't keep the brutal sun from reaching the town below) Inayinti is a town that is easy to spot from a distance. It's squat, sprawling, form is more similar to that of an old world town, rather than the modern idea, which may be strange on first viewing.    At all hours of the day, men and women prowl across it's buildings and markets. Bringing in or purchasing old world technology for every reason you can think of. Military contractors, frontiersmen, political agitators, government officials (or their proxies), warehouse and factory workers. Anyone. Anyone can find something that will help them here. Or something more tempting than is good for your health.   Even at night, amber lights mark the settlement in the darkness, the scavenging and trading never stopping due to the hour of the day.    A visit to the city is encouraged, no matter your lot in life. Who knows, you might get lucky. If you do go, be careful, as the town is not safe for newcomers. It never was, but has gotten worse in the past few years. There are many men and women who can tell you, as they sit in rags or mourn in bars, of them getting fleeced or mugged moments after they entered the front gate and walked down the wrong side street. Those don't even account for the many more stories of it happening later in the day, nor the times it happened with far more blood involved.   If you watch your back, you should be fine. Emphasis on the "should be". You never know what can happen out there.    Furthering the danger, multiple organizations seem to be vying for control of the town itself and the resources that flow through it. Not powers like Columbia and Blight, but a series of families that own large swaths of the city and it's surrounding territory. Each one jostling for position, and undercutting the others to come out on top with little regard for those that get caught in the middle.
Large town
Owning Organization

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