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Augur's Day, 20th of Tenth Moon - Year 291 (Sanglethic Calendar)

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Our forefathers passed down stories of a world of lush forests, fertile lands, and great unmoving cities built on the surface.   Our world is a wasteland, uninhabitable save for a scant few pockets scattered across the land in hard-to-reach places. The earth is infected, saturated with miniscule creatures that deplete the soil and breathe poison; our crops do not grow, and our people grow ill.   Thus, we took to the skies. Harnessing creations of our Precursors, we sang as we nurtured their seeds and built our homes around the sprouts, and the sprouts lifted us into heaven’s safe embrace.   Over generations, the sprouts became trees. Over generations, our homes became cities.   And so we survive.