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The Republic of Cie'Th

Cie'th (Pronounced See-ith), shares it's western Border with Vailles, it's Sister Nation. While the two Nations were previously one, currently relations with Vailles are largely positive, with the countries supporting each other largely in times of crisis. Vailes provides support to Cie’th, who’s rugged lands are home to numerous volcanic territories, but extremely ore rich, with fertile patches of land. While Vailes is more wealthy, due to their position geographically, Cie’th produces much of the crucial metals and a large portion of food stocks that Vales purchases, and sells to run the prodigious economy they have.


The country of Cie'th is run almost entirely by a Council, who's members are appointed from governors, and leading experts in important fields, with oversight from a Cleric of the Church of 7 spheres.

Public Agenda

Public well being.


Incredibly rich land, and one of the strongest veins of Iron, and Gold running through the entire region.


Cie'Th declared Independence in the year 612 ES, establishing their Senate, and declaring their independence from Vailles, who's king at the time, seemed not to care whether he lost the lands.

Geopolitical, Province

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