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The Kingdom of Vailles

The Gem of the southern continent, and what most consider to be the most powerful southern continental nation. Vailes has several advantages from it’s territory. The mountain ranges are rich in ores and minerals, while the vast plains, while often forested, are ideal for farming once cleared. Their position on the Western Coast and warm climate, as well as their agreements with Raiment has made them ideal for trade as well. While it’s coastal territories, and much of it’s most inland areas are largely flat, or forested, it is known to be home to a monumentos mountain range in its deepest territories, nearly perfectly mimicking in opposition the coastal territories water line, with several smaller ranges patching the landscape out even to the water. This Mountain Ranges most extreme territory being home to several volcanoes as well, extending off into a peninsula, that many believe to be formed from the volcano itself. the country has a thriving economy from a combination of its trade, and it’s many artisans and engineers.   Vailes, for its rich history of almost 1000 years, has very little knowledge of history before that. The kings of Vailes have long served as Voices of the 7 spheres. That is, until the reign of King Arthur Siege Luckas, who renounced the Church of the 7 spheres, himself rejecting the idea that any single faith could encompass all of what is right, and further being an avid believer in science, which the Church says must be viewed with caution.   Vailes itself is ruled by a form of Constitutional Monarchy. While the King is normally an inherited lineage and most oft is comparable to our executive branch, they are balanced by 2 powers. First; the Council of Leaders. The Council of leaders is made up of the governors of each of the 19 territories, and 2 notable commoners from each territory, for a total of 57 seats. Each commoner is elected for a term of 2 years, and may hold the post for upto 5 terms before retiring for a minimum of 2 years. Further; they are balanced by the High Accusers. Think of them as the supreme justices, but also each one being the leader of an order of inquisitors. It is their role to function as the judiciary branch, but also as the police force. Together, they form the 3 branches of government


The Kingdom is ruled by a King, but the King has 2 powers balancing them, the Council of Leaders

Public Agenda

Progression of Science, and the good of the Kingdom and it's people
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Subsidiary Organizations

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