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The Church of the 7 spheres

The main, humanist church who's powers are derived from the Elemental lords. The Elemental Lords have spheres of influence, that are tightly bound, and often overlap. These spheres are what the church itself is named for.


The structure is very loose until you reach the highest peaks. At the peak of the church there is a single High Voice, and 7 Voices below them. Each seat is taken by someone who best represents the qualities of the sphere the represent. The High voice is meant to unify the voices in Harmony, and is considered the de'facto leader.

Public Agenda

Being a force for good in the world, and spreading the one true word and voice to all corners of the mortal realm.


Lots. 3 countries worth of a standing army, and the loyalty and resources of almost every country on the continent.


???? Accidentally wiped out history were assholes

Religious, Organised Religion

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