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King Artha Siegge Luckas

His Majesty, Artha Siegge Luckas

The last king of Vailles. His wife, Lady Isilva Tullain Drayce-Luckas, surviving him. He was an honorable king from his ascension to the throne at 17, to his death, at 29.   From early on in his life, he had proven himself a friend to his people, and a champion of just causes. He respects the right and ability for sapiet creatures to make decisions on their own, and believes that freedom and equality should be a right, but with that, comes a responsibility to be educated, and respectful.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Extremely fit, until his later years

Body Features

Very slightly tanned skin, but otherwise white.

Facial Features

Square jaw, Charisma 22

Identifying Characteristics

a large scar, running between the bones on his right arm, from elbow to wrist.

Physical quirks

A slight bit akward, as he is now forced to be left handed. Clicks his tongue when thinking.

Special abilities

Farsight, and insight. He has the ability to see over vast distances of hundreds of miles, even around the curvature of the planet, though, not through physical obstructions. Further, he has incredible

Apparel & Accessories

Always in a ceremonial full plate. The degree to which it is ceremonial versus functional, depends on the day, and the agenda.

Specialized Equipment

Bastard Sword

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Took the throne at 19, after 3 of his intended 6 years of Military Service, and education. Passed at 31.


Excellent Education, several years of Military and Knightly Education, Tactics and Warfare, and an extensive personal pursuit into Philosophy

Accomplishments & Achievements

The first king to openly denounce the Church of 7 spheres and it's practices.

Failures & Embarrassments

Failure to make amends with his mother before her death. Failure to negotiate with his uncle. Failure to defend the southern countryside from a small invasion of werewolves.

Mental Trauma

Mommy issues

Intellectual Characteristics

Philisophical, and quite good at balancing emotion and logic

Personality Characteristics


Driven to make the lives of his people better. He was raised to serve responsibility first, but he refuses to let responsibility be his whole life.   He sees the failings of the previous kings, and simply wants to make things better for his people.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Absolutely HORRIBLE with chess, and other 'games of nobility'. Poor at Fencing, and hunting. But he is an excellent fighter, choosing a more brutish Broadsword and Armored Fist style, over a more refined Noblemans fighting style. Loves games invented by commonfolk, and absolutely adores playing card games.

Likes & Dislikes

Loves being a snarky asshole. Isn't allowed to be 90% of the time. Loves comedy, comraderie, and general fun times.

Vices & Personality flaws

While patient, is quick to turn to violence when angered.

Personality Quirks

clicks his tongue while deciding. Also hums, or sings quietly


While he does not fear being, as he calls it, 'Manly' with his hygiene, his wife has largely broken him of this habit.


Religious Views

No Religion can hold all good ideas. All religions have some truth to them, but no one should follow faith blindly.

Social Aptitude

Extremely Charismatic, but respectful. Fun loving. It's easy to be swept up in his energy when he starts to get excited.

Hobbies & Pets

He had a pet Drake, and a pet Gryphon.


He argues with himself, rather constantly. He will begin mumbling different arguments, refining his point while he decides what actions he will take.

Wealth & Financial state

The King of Vailles, the wealthiest kingdom in the southern portion of Arvos. He is, however, by far the most humble king of Vailes in recent memory, and has disseminated a large portion of his wealth to the state, or to his citizens.

RPG Character sheet

Status: Dead

Honorary & Occupational Titles
King of Vailles, Knight Commander, Farseer
Castle Eisenburg
Biological Sex
Wide set, but focused, Amber
Shoulder Length, well maintained, Light Brown
180 lbs
Known Languages
Fluent Trade, Vailles, Escet, and Church lingo Conversational in most other languages

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