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Magic once ran deep through the land, sea and sky, blessed by the gods of the stars, the moons, the planets, and the void. Humans hold power, seeking to dominate, while others seek only to survive.   The blessings of the gods have been corrupted. The gift of strength and life from Raashk has been warped into the most hideous of curses, binding it's victims to bloodlust and never ending hunger. The blessings of Magic and power from Arla broken down, and warped, no longer a gift of the gods, but corrupted. That corruption now runs in the blood of the lines of the first mages.   Some still know the truth. Some still seek to restore order. Seek to redeem those who would pervert the gods blessings. Others yet still see the world around and beneath them as expendable, something to be dominated. Something to be exploited. The Church of the 7 spheres works to maintain it's power, and expand it's influence beyond the continent of Arvos, but have been effectively locked by the vast oceans separating them from the rest of the world. While the rest of Arvos suffers from the loss of history, sought out and destroyed by extremist worshipers of the church almost 1000 years ago.   The people know nothing of the struggle happening, but soon it will come to light. The wound in the world stirs like never before, and shadowed conflicts between nations come closer and closer to light with every life lost.