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Near the north edge of town, there is a small hut often surrounded by the poor and sick who are down on their luck. Inside this hut, a gigantic man pounds away at a shaping piece of armor. His goliath hands move with gentle precision over the leather chest piece, and his eyes have a patience not often found in his kin to the north, Lonekiller is a very imposing male goliath leatherworker. He is 6’10” with a beefy build and an impressive hunch. He is very gentle, with soft hands and an eye for fine precision. His pale skin is covered in abstract tattoos, and he has piercing blue eyes. He is very dedicated, and sporadically gives money to the poor, who tend to hang around his shop, “the Tiny Knife”, for protection.
Current Location
piercing blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
pale white, tattooed
180 lbs

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