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9th day of Firewane, year 620 S.E.

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In the middle of reality, nestled in the primordial storm of creation, the natural world of Granterra is just a small bubble of a realm. Inside this bubble, kingdoms rise and fall and we mortals live out our lives, exploring magic, intrigue, and our various interests unaware of the cosmos at large. Within this material plane, there are a handful of powerful beings who have seen the cosmos beyond, yet also know the struggles and lives of mortals: the dragons. But today, one of those immortal guardians has gone missing, and the world is slowly, quietly, falling out of balance.   In the beginning, there was only the primordial chaos, ruled by the Old Tyrant, Tiamat. Then, seven powerful dragons met in the middle of the elemental chaos to create order and resist her power. These dragon aspects they used their influence together to create a balanced plane where they could exist freely, in a relative peace. They succeeded, and this world was Granterra. The world they created was so bountiful that soon, mortal life sprung forth from it. At first, the morals were ruled over by the dragons. Over generations, mortals became more and more curious, and garnered more power and free will of their own. Eventually, an uprising of powerful heroes forced the rule of the material plane away from their immortal masters, ending the age of dragons. Though the mortals killed one of the dragon aspects in the process, the rest were still allowed to live in peaceful world of Granterra.   Over the next millennium, mortals divided themselves into kingdoms, fought their own wars, and made their own complex political relations with the remaining dragon aspects. In the present day, the age of dragons is long forgotten by most of the world. Now, mortals explore the world and manipulate its magic for their own ends, still unaware of the chaos just outside their realm.   But the chaos outside has not forgotten about us. The Old Tyrant, at the bottom of the elemental chaos, has noticed the change in the dragon aspects guarding the world, and is already making moves towards reclaiming the center of the universe she lost so long ago. Gods willing, among all our mortal ambitions, someone can stop her.   -Agis Mirora, druid of the Earthen Circle, year 617 of the Stygian Empire

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