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Fuck le Duck

Fuck le Duck.

It is the most controversial piece of literature in the whole world of Grahkon and literary specialists debate and fight to this day how this statement is to be interpreted, or if it defies any logical or traditional approach at getting sense out of it. Some people say it is just utter nonsense, which tries to get as much entertainment out of people struggling with the message of this text, others proclaim it as a masterpiece, but even then they cannot agree on one way to interpret this text. The most common approach to this text is to lie it before students, who then have to write an essay on it, interpreting it and explaining its purpose. Because there is a general consense among most teachers, that would be theat this text defies any unified interpretation, they want to see how the students react to being tasked with an unsolvable problem. There are many publications about this text, each with a slightly different approach to the topic, but none discovering the true meaning, which was lost when the author published it in his testomony. Most people have never gotten to know the text as something else as a joke and most people who were told about this text did not believe in its existence, until they saw the printed version. Because it is so short it is oftentimes only included in collections of this authors poems. There are only very few prints of it, where it is the only piece of text, but it is by some claimed to be the only real way to experience the statement and really feel the message behind it, and thus these prints are very precious. It is also used very effectively to make fun of younger students.


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