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Wyrmstom Industries

Run by an old and nasty Blue Dragon, Wyrmstrom industries is a megacorporation from Golarian that's in competition for the resources that Atreides Corp is snapping up.


At the top is the big bad blue dragon, under him are a number of other chromatic dragons, which is turn each control a division of the company. There's a Red dragon over military, defense, etc., a black dragon over investments and finances, another blue dragon dealing with their public image and interaction with others outside of the company, a green dragon over HR, staffing, hiring/firing, etc., and I white dragon dealing with their information brokerage and scouting for new opportunities.   Beneath the dragon leaders are a slew of enhanced wyrms, dragonborn, smaller lesser dragons, enhanced drakes, and other scaleykind that run the day-to-day operations of the company.

Corporation, Business
Wyrms (by friends), Strompets (by foes)
Organization Vehicles

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