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-------------------   Spacefarer: Physical Science is a class skill for you, though if it is a class skill from the class you take at 1st level, you instead gain a +1 bonus to Physical Science checks.   ------------------   Envoy L2   Base attack: +1, Fort+0, Ref: +3, Will:+3   HP:6/CL, Stam: 6+con mod/CL   Skills: 8+int mod/CL   Proficiencies Armor-light; Weapons-basic melee weapons, grenades, small arms     Expertise: add +1d6 to all sense motive checks, and 1 more skill from the following list:   Bluff (Cha), Computers (Int), Culture (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Disguise (Cha), Engineering (Int), Intimidate (Cha), and Medicine (Int).

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Abused and mistreated by the slaver that previously owned him, Drolf is perpetually surprised at the ease of his new life. He seems to be waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Successfully carried out a mission on his own to deal with a mutant plant in Chorda's park, & retrieved samples of said plant for further study and observation.

Mental Trauma

Severely abused, expects all females to attack, berate, belittle, and otherwise punish him.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Dislikes: Spider baths

RPG Character sheet

Drow Spacefarer Envoy Level 2   Str: 10 (+0) Dex: 18 (+4) Con: 12 (+1) Int: 13 (+1) Wis: 12 (+1) Cha: 19 (+4)   Base attack: +1, Fort+0, Ref: +3, Will:+3   HP:16, Stam: 14   Skills: 18 ranks Acrobatics: +8, Athletics: +4, Bluff: +8, Computers: +5, Culture: +5, Diplomacy: +8 +1d6 expertise, Disguise: +8, Engineering: +5, Intimidate: +8, Medicine: +5, Perception: +8, Physical Science**: +5, Piloting: +8, Profession (servant): +8, Sense Motive: +5 +1d6 expertise, Sleight of Hand: +8, Stealth: +8,   **Reduce the DC of Physical Science checks to recall knowledge about strange new worlds or features of space by 5.   Envoy Improvisation: DC: 10+1/2CL+cha mod Inspiring boost: As a standard action, you can signal an ally within 30 feet who has taken damage from any attack made by a significant enemy at any point after your last turn ended. That ally regains a number of Stamina Points (up to his maximum) equal to twice your envoy level + your Charisma modifier; at 15th level, this increases to three times your envoy level + your Charisma modifier. Once an ally has benefited from your inspiring boost, that ally can’t gain the benefits of your inspiring boost again until he takes a 10-minute rest to recover Stamina Points.   Drow: Darkvision: range of 60 feet.   Immunities: magical sleep effects, and receive a +2 saves vs. enchantment spells and effects.   Drow Magic: Caster Level=CL: At will—dancing lights, detect magic   In addition, drow count as having the Minor Psychic Power feat for the purpose of meeting prerequisites, and if a drow takes the Psychic Power feat, she can add the drow noble’s limning light supernatural ability to the list of spell-like abilities available to her.   Keen Senses: Drow receive a +2 racial bonus to their Perception checks.   Light Blindness: A drow exposed to bright light is blinded for 1 round, and dazzled as long as she remains in areas of bright light.   Proficiencies Armor-light; Weapons-basic melee weapons, grenades, small arms

Aligned Organization
Atreides Corporation
Known Languages
Common, Undercommon, Drow, Elf

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