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An amphibious creature originally from somewhere within the Vesk's home system of Veskarium

Additional Information

Average Intelligence


RPG Datasheet

Caypin CR6 N Large Magical Beast (aquatic) Init: +2, Senses: Darvision 60ft., low-light vision, Perception +13 EAC: 18, KAC: 20 Fort: +10, Ref +10, Will +5 Speed: 40ft, Swim 30ft Bite: +14 (3d4+13 P) Space 10ft; Reach 10ft Str+5 Dex +2 Con +3 Int-4 Wis-1 Cha-1 Skills: Acrobatics+13, Athletics +13 (+21 swim), Stealth +18   Feeding Appendages: Instead of a lower jaw, a caypin has a mass of writhing eyestalks that grant the creature sight and also chew its food with tiny, lamprey-like mouths. As a move action, a caypin can detach these appendages (or reattach any adjacent appendages), which are capable of ambulating on their own and transmitting visual data back to the caypin. An appendage that moves farther than 100 feet from the caypin's body immediately dies. While caypin appendages are harmless individually, they are formidable in a group. A caypin has enough appendages to form two such groups, which share a single set of actions with the caypin and act on the caypin's initiative. Each group is aquatic, amphibious, 60ft darkvision & low-light vision, 18 hp, speed 20ft, and swim speed 15ft. Takes up a 5ft square and has 5ft reach. Use caypin's stats for all other statistics. A swarm of appendages can enter an opponents square as a standard action without provoking and attack of opportunity, and can attack using a swift action. If all of a caypin's appendages are detached it is effectively blind until at least one is reattached. If all appendages are destroyed, it takes 3 days for a caypin to regrow enough of the appendages to see.

The Veskarium
200+ years
Average Height
14ft long
Average Weight
Average Physique
wolf-like body
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
varies according to environment

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