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Brando Marlin

Information Mogul Brando Marlin

Hired by Perseus (aka Priscilla) as a last minute addition to the crew on the Atreides Corps' capital ship. He's already shown his value in procuring a job with a drow ship for a delivery.   While not evil, he's willing to bend his morals for the right price. Everything comes down to profit. The best way to get Marlin on your side is to pay him more than the other guys.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Overweight, doesn't exercise much

Body Features

Beer belly, pseudo-mullet

Facial Features

Permanent stubble (shaves every morning with a cheap electric razor that doesn't take it all the way down)

Physical quirks

Right handed, easily winded, sits whenever possible, overweight.

Special abilities

Black Market Connections, Friends in high places, Friends in low places.

Apparel & Accessories

Brown Vest, Galactica College ruby ring, class of '79.

Specialized Equipment

Communication Implant; allows him to make and receive calls without a physical device as long as there's a signal in range.

Biological Sex
Character Prototype
If Badger from Firefly and Ricky from Trailer Park Boys had a love child, this would be him.

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