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Atreides Light Freighter

The light freighter stored within the shuttle bay of Pride of Atreides. This is the main vehicles used by the main characters to move between their capital ship and various planets and stations.

RPG Datasheet

T3 LIGHT FREIGHTER   Size Small Base Cost 10BP   Maneuverability good (+1 Piloting, turn 1)   HP 40 (increment 10 DT —; CT 8   Mounts forward arc (2 light)   --1x Light EMP Cannon, short range, 10PCU, 8BP, EMP,   --1x Light particle beam, medium range, 3d6 damage, 10PCU, 10BP   port arc (1 light)   starboard arc (1 light)   Expansion Bays 3   Minimum Crew 1; Maximum Crew 6   Power Core: Arcus Maxiumum, 200PCU, 20BP   S12 Thrusters: 12spd, -1 piloting mod, 60pcu, 6BP   Mk1 Armor, +1 AC, 2BP   Mk1 Tetranode, +1/+1/+1/+1, 10PCU, 4BP   Luxurious Crew Quarters: 5BP   Defensive Countermeasures: Mk4: +4 to TL, 3PCU, 6BP   Drift Engine: Signal Booster: Engine Rating 2, 100PCU, 10BP   3 expansions:   1 Cargo Bay 0PCU 0BP   1 Passenger Seating 0PCU 0BP   1 Med Bay (free, 0BP nat20 roll)   Ship's Computer   Sensor's: Advanced Medium Range, +4 to checks, 8BP   Light Shields 50, 2/minute, 20PCU 6BP   95/95BP   PCU: 153/200 in drift, 113/200 in sublight

Owning Organization
Atreides Corporation

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