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LaFin'en DasNeNo'ens

LaFin are a human ethnicity who are not native to DasNeNo. But who have immigrated to DasNeNo and have lived there for many generations

Naming Traditions

Family names

the LaFin usually use bastardize variations Old DasNeNo'en like for example: LinCoPo, OrVa, JaZaNo sometimes these are actual Old DasNeNo'en words but many of the time are simply gibberish made in the styling of Old DasNeNo'en


Major language groups and dialects

The most common language that the LaFin use is that of the merchants tongue also known as common SanLor'ern although they use a DasNeNo'en dialect of it which some vocabulary from Old DasNeNo'en as well as LaFin'ern pronunciation.

Culture and cultural heritage

The LaFin have a strange amalgamation of old tribal and Old DasNeNo'en or Old Golae'en cultural heritage And as a result of this they believe in both their old tribal LaFin gods as well as the old DasNeNo'en which has a habit of absorbing other gods into their the religion. They also practice many Old DasNeNo'en customs and eat many of the same foods.

Common Etiquette rules

They use a mix of basic Old DasNeNo'en or GoLae'en etiquette and tribal LaFin'en etiquette. It is common to bow when you are thanking someone especially for when thanking somebody for a meal. It is also common to make sure to lower tools and weapons below your waist when speaking to somebody when holding a weapon or tool. This is to show that you are not intending conflict.

Common Dress code

The showing of skin above the waistline is considered normal in perfectly acceptable. Although showing skin below the waistline is considered somewhat risqué

Funerary and Memorial customs

The LaFin practice both burials and cremation for the which one is is used depends on their specific pantheon or patron Gods that they follow. They also practice burial by proxy where essentially if you're unable to move or bury a body for whatever reason you cut off a digit like a thumb or finger and then take that to a temple or to a preferred burial ground you then either burn or bury the digits as a proxy for the body of the one who perished. It is also common to give offerings to the deceased usually things that the deceased liked to eat or something they just simply was important to them like for example maybe a farmer's favorite hoe. This is done because they believe that once a living being dyes they sent to a godhood essentially. there's strength varies depending on actions that they done in their life. So giving offerings to this deceased is an attempt to gain favor from this now spirit/god or simply show that you cared about the


Beauty Ideals

The LaFin standard of beauty is that of strong masculinity and strong femininity. So a man with well-defined facial features as well as body with a good deal muscle is considered quite handsome for most LaFin. On the female side delicates but strong feminine facial features, large breasts, as well as a defined muscles is considered beautiful. In many respects the LaFin view healthiness and strength as the ideal beauty

Relationship Ideals

the LaFin believe that when people are in a relationship the labor that is required for day-to-day life should be split equally so as a result they do not really believe in the idea of one partner being a breadwinner so to speak.

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