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The Game Masters of Varistane

"Eastern Lords of Coin and Fate..."

The ruling class of Varistane, comprised of an elite cabal of the richest aristocrats (both noble and previously low born) in Golthien. Each member of the Game Masters owns at least one casino of their own, not to mention their secret ties and stakes within various other businesses and organizations, both legal and otherwise.   They tend to have a rather hands-on approach to ruling, with each regularly seen at their primary casino. It is said they are the most charismatic of all world leaders.   Even the Lentokki defer to the Game Masters while in Varistane. The Masters seem to fear nothing, and it is this overconfidence that may one day be their undoing.   It is widely assumed that the Game Masters are an offshoot of (or, at least partially comprised of) the The Club Masters of both Angleport and Varuum.  

Varistane Gambling

Current Location

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