Season One: Children

Table of Contents

EVENT: The Death of Jon Snow

Jon Targaryen has died. His funeral is held at Dragonstone, and all Great Houses of the Kingdoms are invited. His body is burned (funerals pyres are standard, due to the White Walkers), and a feast is held afterward in his honor.
  • Eldest daughter Rhaenys Targaryen┬átakes Dorian Lannister, the Hand of the King, on his first dragon ride

  • Visianna Targaryen rides her dragon Anya (formerly her father Jon's) for the first time

  • Jorah Targaryen and Anora Tyrell cause some gossip about their friendship

  • Dorian Lannister and Visianna have a moment on the beach and a dance during the feast that raises questions

  • Jorah Targaryen punches a Meereen Prince and gets thrown to the floor in front of everyone in attendance

  • Kat Tully had a huge drunk mental break down at dragonstone which lead to her yelling at Dorian and Visi which she no longer remembers cause her brain was altered to believe a different story. Visi and Dorian will probably be confused then time they see her.

  • Jorah Targaryen has a vision about the Children of the Forest and informs the Hand, Dorian Lannister, and King Tyrion Lannister. Plans are made for next steps to deal with the possible threat

  • Dorian Lannister mediates the situation between Meereen and Westeros by promising a trade of some sort and his services as Hand

  • Rhae writes a letter to the Meereenese Princes for an olive branch and asks the favour Dorian promised be passed to her

  • The Targaryen sisters, Rhae and Visi, prepare to leave for the North.

  • Gillis is Dorian Lannister's current romantic companion

  • Caitlin Stark was not very social at the funeral but she did have encounters with her cousins and her crush on Dorian Lannister fluttered again.

  • Jo Lannister kissed Dorian's assistant(?) Garret. What else is there to say? (Lol)

  • Ned Dayne, under the guise of Tristan Sand, captain of the dornish guard, meets Cait Stark and her direwolf Spirit and sneaks some of Jon Snows' ashes into a pouch.

  • Myrcella Lannister stole the short-list of her potential suitors, Dorian being one, and showed the list to him. Dorian discovers that Myr is a lesbian.
  • Anora Tyrell and Jorah Targaryen kissed 3 times, one of which caused him to have warg visions of The Children.

  • Jorah Targaryen experiences a vision of the Children of the Forest, North of the Wall, and an impending invasion from them

  • After the funeral, a diplomatic meeting is held at Dragonstone. Several important matters of the realm are discussed: Trade with the Meereenese Princes and the possibility of the Children of the Forest being back.

  • The Tyrell family leaves Dragonstone without Anora and she travels to King's Landing with the royal family. Anora now lives temporarily in King's Landing to research The Children

  • (videos, & exposition) Daelys attended the funeral at Dragonstone, and politely introduced herself to the Targaryens, while socializing with Northern nobles that she already knew, The Tullys and Caitlin Stark. She made plans to journey back to Bear Island along with the Targaryen's dragon contingent as they travel to the Wall. The plan is to go to up the Neck, stop at Riverrun, then Winterfell before the Targaryens resume to the Wall

  • Kat Tully and Anora Tyrell had a conversation about attraction which is now getting Kat to actually think about things like that. Kat finally admits to herself that while she loves her family she also really hates them for how they handle her. She wanted to leave but now she forgot her breakthrough

EVENT: Kat Tully's Name Day Celebration at Riverrun

  Day 1  
  • Gillis is now officially Anora's handmaiden, as solidified by her bringing her to a party outside of King's Landing

  • Dorian was not present at the evening feast. No one knows why.

  • Dorian spent the evening with Katherine.

  • Dorian was not seen again after leaving his carriage, opting to stay in his chambers and write to Garrat.

  • Gillis attempted to sneak into Dorian's quarters.
TIME PASSING: ~3 months since Jon Snow's Funeral

EVENT: Dorian Lannister is Coronated Hand of the King

The Doronation


  • 335 AC

    Eighth Moon

    Jorah has a Vision
    Life, Supernatural

  • 335 AC

    Eighth Moon

    The Funeral of Jon Targaryen
    Life, Death

    The man formerly known as Jon Snow has died. His widow Danaerys and their children (Rhaenys, Jorah, and Visianna) are joined by a number of Great Houses to commemorate and honor his life with a funeral at Dragonstone. A meeting of Great Houses is held to discuss Jorah Targaryen's vision of the Children of the Forest.

  • 335 AC

    Tenth Moon
    335 AC

    Tenth Moon

    Kathryn Tully's 18th Name Day
    Gathering / Conference

    A celebration was held at Riverrun Keep for Robert Tully's daughter Kathryn. Many of those who attended the Funeral of Jon Targaryen also attended. A feast was held the first night of the celebration, and a second on Kat's Name Day. on the third morning, the guests departed.

  • 335 AC

    Eleventh Moon

    Dorian Lannister made Hand of the King
    Political event

    A coronation is held at King's Landing in honor of Dorian Lannister, who is officially made Hand of the King to his father, Tyrion Lannister. A single-day celebration is held, with an archery competition, the coronation itself, and a feast in the evening.