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Good & Evil Comics

The Dawn Of Heroes

Welcome To Good & Evil Comics

Imagination Forced Into Existence
GE Comics was created by and written solely by me, Khali 'Ford' Crawford. I am a huge fan of Dark Horse, iMAGE, MARVEL & DC Comics, they have created some of my favorite heroes like Batman, Iron Man, & The Umbrella Academy. I also, like many children, grew up watching Dragon Ball Z and other Anime series, all these fantastical works of fantasy inspired me to create and write my own stories. And so, on Saturday, March 21st, 2020 I decided to create Good & Evil Comics.
That a person who helps others because it should or must be done, or because it is the right thing to do, is indeed without a doubt, a real Superhero.
-- Stan Lee
This World Anvil is the sum total of all my creative works that I intend to publish under the GE Comics banner. The LORE tab holds all worldbuilding and cosmology information on the universe, everything from the various organizations to how Magic functions. The Character Codex holds a full list of every character I create, separated based on The Crawford Scale I created for simplicity. The various 'Ages' of the World are how the stories I tell are grouped and in order of when they take place.   I am deeply proud of and happy with the heroes (and villains) I have made for my universe and the stories I tell them in. Any & all feedback or critiques you may have of my work would be greatly appreciated. I am also currently looking for another Writer/ Editor and Artists to work with if that interests you, I can be best reached on my Instagram @good_and_evil_comics or any of the social media links on my website.