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Those in charge of Golocsea

Golocosea is run under an 'Administration' which is basically a lead religious guild known as the Mythos, who is in charge of each region and their corresponding guilds. There are four main leaders in the Mythos, whose identity is kept secret. The leaders have special protection bu their own personal pirate and land army. This system has been in place for over 4,000 years, the handing over of power in the Mythos is done by last of the line. There is no form of police however each region has the Army which do the policing. Wrongdoers are tried by the lead guild members in a trial, they are punished either by prison time or death. People can pay to leave the country they are in via boats, however if they want to do so discreetly they must ask a Pirate as the boats are controlled by the guild. Even though many are religious they are untrusted of the Guilds as they believe power has corrupted them, the majority of people disapprove of them and believe the people should vote on the guild members. Moving up in the social ranks is no easy feat, many stays at the level they were born into. Taxation is carried out by the Guild, the poor pay higher taxes to fund the guilds lifestyle, the guild does out some towards the community but very little. The Government uses Spies known as Scimitarians to watch over the public to ensure there is no talk of rebellion, however, some Scimitarians rebel against the guild themselves leaving them a wanted person.

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