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Pasture Huts

Pasture Huts are a native Detoran home of the Misty Pasture. Common for placing them along their nomadic pasture trails these huts have a good standing for enduring the heat as well as cold months. Detorans often have two built homes depending on their trails. Unlike nomadic humans they do not take these home with them as they are immobile. All belongings are often moved minus appliances. The groups often change locations every 6 months and return with herd and tribe to their homes. Majority of Detorans of Misty Pastures live on the Pasture, a small portion live in the actual city. The Pasture is in risk of their home constantly receding due to humans manufacturing.

Sensory & Appearance

Huts vary in size meaning they can be small to large. All usually have the same layout minus those who either never upgrade their homes or such. Walking inside a person is often exposed to the kitchen/dining room/living room. A half wall usually extends from behind the kitchen or dining area leading to bathroom or bedroom.

Contents & Furnishings

Praying alters are often located the dining room on a sideboard usually having a small mat,dish with cosmos fruit laying inside. Sometimes incense are lit for calming meditation and praying purposes.


In the past outhouses were common along with public bathing,in recent times huts have opted to modify all homes with bathrooms. Most homes from above simply look like circular homes with a smaller circle attached,that is the location for all hygiene related purposes.   Some places have actual built inner walls to creating actual rooms for privacy versus looking like studios,unlike the Hibernis yurt.


Homes were originally used with mud but since then started the use of brick. Beams are built to create the structure followed by building a cob wall and brick used as decorative design. The roof is made of concrete tiles. The only window is usually located near the kitchen.

Parent Location
Misty Pastures

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