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Misty Pastures

Misty Pastures is one of the largest industrial cities on Venero. It is where majority of manufacturers and distributors are located. The largest mine for gems are located in the area. It is also home to the shaman training grounds,a sacred location for Upper and Lower Shaman.


Aside from manufacturers that are distributors for basic needs (from farms tons of animals and vegetables,though the largest vegetable farms are in Pinesborough) ,the city has the largest mine which is robot operated. Clay is a large part material dug here for homes.


Mostly notable for its towering smoke stacks from factories,while majority are non-polluting they have expanded outside the required area that was agreed by the first settled humans and Meadows clan.


After the Detoran and human war it was agreed by the Meadows clan that they would permit people to settle on the same grounds as they lived. Over time most Detoran were being pushed into leaving their villages,bought out or moved to live with humans. Over the past centuries the Meadows clan asked the mayors to not expand their land any further as only a few villages remain.   Detoran of the Pastures are known to be semi-nomadic. To some people it is considered bothersome as two fields are shared by both humans and Detorans. As the country shrinks around them a Upper Shaman in training known as Dusk Meadows sees the struggle of their people. They have full support of Kainalu,the Shaman of Mangrove Brush who is willing to take a stand to stop the expanding of factories.   Shaman Training Grounds have been placed as an endangered environment as most places have been bought out around it.


Grassy fields,it is famous for its mist that rolls in early in the morning. Due to industry production the term "misty" has taken a new meaning for some. While not smog,the beautiful mornings of mist now feel warmer in comparison.
1,000,000 (not counting the Detorans in nearby villages)
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