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The currency Ter.

General Information

Ter is the basic currency of the world of Golden Rift, it comes in coins made out of different materials (gold, silver, copper), with the rarity of the material indicating the worth of the Ter coin. It is issued by all the nations but a gold Ter from one has the same value as a gold Ter from another. The reason it's called Ter is from the history of it being the original payment for water used for watering crops. Thus it began to be called Ter based on the original good is bought. Most coins are made of copper and a hundred of them are equal to one silver Ter. And a hundred silver is wroth one gold Ter.


Every nation's take on a Ter coin is different, but they remand equal in weight of the minerals used and so are equal. Most of the kingdomes in the Golden Rift place their emblem on one side. And a depiction of the kingdom's ruler when the coin was minted on the other. Each coin is a half-ounce in weight (14.1747616 grams).  

Illegal coins

It is well known that some people "shave" some of the material of the coins to collect them for later use. Any coin that this is done to will have different dimensions and weight than a legal coin, and thus will be declared as an illegal coin. If found to be using an illegal coin the suspect must give up the coin to the authorities and repay their merchant with a legal coin to replace the illegal one. Anyone who fails to replace the illegal coin will be arrested and charged according to the total value of illegal coins they use. If the total value is fifty Ter or more, death will be the punishment for the guilty. This is because messing with the coins is a way to artificially spend less when buying a good.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

What people use for buying goods and services. It is a normal coin made out of gold, silver, or copper.


The currency of the world, named after water which it was originally used to buy. As this was the reason it was originally made (to buy water) it inherited its name from it.
Item type
Currency & Deeds
  • Copper - common
  • Sliver - uncommon
  • Gold - rare, used more as a price point than as a coin used for payment.
0.5 Ounce, 14.1747616 grams
Diameter of 0.955 inch, & thickness of 0.069 inch
Base Price
Gold, Sliver, and Copper are equal to value to their counterparts in other tabletops RPGS.
Raw materials & Components
Gold, Sliver, or copper.

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