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Golden Glades Empire

928 Samue 1

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The Golden Glades Empire has been at peace since the unity of the continent achieved by Emperor Sigurd Pancratius Nerva Brierose on 528 Sacha 28. The Empire experienced the eclipse of Septerion directly after the battle concluded and the month was marked for celebration of the unity, peace, and worship of Thealdir, Creator of the Sky. The Empire prospered and continuously grew as people of all races came together in love, life, and business. With the unification of the races came children created from the love found and diversifying the world and leading to an increase in magical ability but a decrease in magical users, this has become a greater concern in current years as magic users are seen as blessed by the Creators. 928 Samue 1, Emperor Gudbrand Christos Brierose has begun the process of heir naming giving his children the scroll that have been passed from heir to heir, Nobody knows what is written on the scroll aside from the reader, it changes from reader to evaluate what the heir must accomplish or obtain in order to be named heir. Upon the completion of the final task no other heir prospect will be shown tasks, the scroll will only display the chosen heir's name.

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