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Session 9 - Attack on Thistletop

General Summary

Colin McComb. (2010), Paizo  
  • The Saviors of Sandpoint took Kadrus Shieldwalker back to Brodert Quink. They discussed what they had found in the catacomb beneath the Glassworks Factory. Brodert gave them a gold reward.
  • The Saviors, led by the goblin Glar, made their way to Thistletop. Glar told them he could lead the party to a secret entrance that was the safest way to the fortress of Thistletop.
  • Glar showed them the entrance to a four-foot-high tunnel that wound through the dense briars and nettles. The floor was hard-packed earth, with patches of wiry plants growing stubbornly here and there. Jayvielle had no issue navigating the tunnel, but the others were forced to hunch and squeeze their way through. Glar stayed behind to keep an eye on the entryway.
  • The party stumbled across a nest of goblins, the remains of the Birdcruncher tribe. Almost a dozen goblins, looking to earn a place within the walls of Thistletop, did not hesitate to make a name for themselves by killing some invading longshanks. Sadly for them, that was not the case and the SoS wiped them out.
  • After dispatching a pack of goblin dogs, the party was attacked by a goblin druid named Gogmurt and his pet firepelt cougar Tangletooth. They were laid low, but not before doing some damage to the party.
  • Glar managed to lead them to a bridge that crossed over to an island. The bridge looked poorly constructed so they went across one at a time. Jayvielle and Grog had managed to cross the bridge, and Gallious was halfway across when two burly, well-armed goblins came around the corner of the stockade. Would they see the party and alert the guard towers to the invasion?

Rewards Granted

  • Potions of cure light wounds (2)
  • Wand of produce flame (34 charges)
  • Wand of ??
  • +1 leather armor
  • Cloak of resistance +1
Rise of the Runelords
Report Date
24 Dec 2020