Session 8 - History Lesson

General Summary

  • The party went to the home of Brodert Quink to find Kadrus Shieldwalker. Kadrus had planned to hire them to tour around the catacombs and look for things of historical significance.
  • When they arrived at Brodert's house, an Orc was standing outside. He told the party to wait, as his people were inside conducting business with Brodert. A short time later, there was a knock on the window and the orc allowed them entry.
  • Geoff, the house manager and personal assistant to Brodert Quink, led the party into the library. Brodert was just completing negotiations regarding rescuing his niece with a party known as the Warbound. These individuals - a human, tiefling, hobgoblin, and Kadrus - wrapped up their business.
  • The heroes mentioned that they had an arrangement with Kadrus. The Warbound let Kadrus pursue their own goal while the rest of the party rescued Brodert's niece, Lucendi Quink, along with her "idiot husband" who remained unnamed.
  • Brodert offered to pay the heroes if they recovered any historical information that he might find interesting.
  • The party took Kadrus back into the catacombs. Kadrus was shown the statue of the angry-looking woman who held the ranseur that Kilgore was using. He cast a spell and was able to identify the woman as Alaznist, the Runelord of Wrath. Kadrus then gave a brief explanation of who the Runelords were.
  • They recused a trapped goblin - Glar, the goblin they had interrogated and released when they first attacked the Glassworks.
  • Further exploration revealed the goblin warrior Koruvus, twisted and mad from his time in the catacombs tainted by the presence of Lamashtu.
  • The party found stairways leading both up and down, but both sets of staircases had collapsed.
  • Before leaving, they discovered a spherical room with personal effects. The walls occasionally flashed with words that Truett and Kumiko, the two closest to the room, could not understand.
  • When the Saviors of Sandpoint began to plan their attack on Thistletop, Glar admitted that he could get them in. He knew the goblin way through the brambles surrounding Thistletop.

Rewards Granted

  • Longsword +1 - Kilgore
  • The scroll is a scroll of burning hands (CL 3rd) - Kumiko?
  • The book is an ancient prayer book dedicated to the worship of Lamashtu. The book is worth 100 gp.
  • The iron wand is a wand of shocking grasp (28 charges).
  • Brodert gave the party 100gp for the information they recovered. He may want to go down there at some point to see it for himself.


  • When Brodert was informed about the runelord and Lamashtu, he admitted that it made sense. Unlike the other Runelords, Alaznist was a woman of faith—faith in ruin, devastation, and wrath. While she had an alliance with the demon lord Yamasoth, she drew inspiration from all demon lords. She encouraged her minions to venerate demons as well—she cared not whom they revered, as long as they were destructive. The demon queen Lamashtu was a favorite choice.
Rise of the Runelords
Report Date
13 Dec 2020
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