Session 7 - How the Lich Stole Christmas

General Summary

Image by WOTC, Illustration by Scott Murphy
  • Disaster was immediately averted by Jayvielle Deverin closing the door on the Vargouille, and Grog forming an earten barrier over the door. The rest of the party then backed up and retreated to the surface.
  • On their way, they bumped into an elven researcher named Kadrus Shieldwalker. Kadrus claimed they had heard from Brodert Quink that something had been found in the smugglers tunnels, and that certain something may have had some historical significance. Kadrus was hoping to bribe some guards to go down into the tunnels and see what was available, historically speaking. The party agreed to take Kadrus down to see some of the sights, tomorrow, and for a fee.
  • The next day, the party left the Rusty Dragon. Kadrus was outside, shaking a snowglobe that they claimed to be defective. Kadrus handed it to Gallious, and with Kumiko assisting they caused... something to happen. Everything went black.
  • When they awoke, it was night and they were lying in snow. They made their way to a nearby town named Hoovale. The sad town had lost all their children, and they suspected a lich was involved.
  • Just then, a child appeared and said that they had been kidnapped from their homes by kobolds. The children were taken into the mountains, to a nearby cave. They were chained to tables and forced to build toys for some unknown reason.
  • The party ascended the mountain and fought some snowmen, who turned out to be a group of villagers who had gone after the children and not returned.
  • In the cave, the party fought off several kobolds and solved a puzzle involving glowing Christmas lights.
  • In the end, they faced down the Lich, who turned out to be four Kobolds standing on top of each other. Presents had been set beneath a tree, beside a hearth. They were gifts for a creature named Santac Laus, who had sworn fealty to a demon lord. Santac was going to overthrow a pagan entity known as Saint Nicholas.
  • After the children were returned, there was a celebration in Hoovale. The villagers went about decorating the town, cooking delicious holiday treats, indulging in festive beverages, and singing seasonal songs. A grand feast was held in honor of the party.
  • During the celebration, there was a swirl of snow and Saint Nicholas arrived. He thanked the party for helping to stop Santac Laus and his demon-worshipping ilk. To show his appreciation, he gives each member a gift.
  • The celebration lasts well into the night with everyone eating, drinking, and being merry. Deep in their cups, they awoke in their beds.

Rewards Granted

  • Jayvielle - Flask of Christmas Spirits (the equivalent of a wand of true stike - 5 uses)
  • Kilgore - Christmas Loaf (the equivalent of a wand of shield - 5 uses)
  • Kumiko - Candy Cane (the equivalent of a wand of magic missile - 5 uses)
  • Gallious - Lump of coal in a christmas stocking (the equivalent of a wand of burning hands - 5 uses)
  • Grog - Reindeer Antler (the equivalent of a wand of levitation - 5 uses)
  • Kadrus - Snow globe of Sandpoint, which was used at some point to bring the party back to Sandpoint.
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