Session 63 - Hoard Collector

General Summary

  7 Neth (Nov) 4720   Having returned to Haven manor, the Saviors of Sandpoint began making plans to depart to Mhar Massif to face Karzoug, Runelord of Greed. However, there was one small matter to deal with beforehand. Reno Heartsbane, a cleric of Baldur who had been snatched from another timeline just before his execution, had a two-week reprieve from his death. The Temporal Thief ritual spell, cast by Kumiko and Quilith, temporarily spared him from his fate. After fourteen days, he would return to his time, and his fate would be sealed. He asked to go to Magnimar so that he might see his friends one last time. They would not be the same people he had adventured with in his time, but he felt it would be nice to see them in better times before his own time ended. Kumiko agreed to take him, and the two teleported inside the main gates of Magnimar. She gave Reno some gold to help him get through his remaining time, wished him good luck, and returned to Sandpoint.   Sheriff Hemlock, along with an entourage of deputies, mercenaries, and townsfolk, arrived at Haven. He wasn't there on his behalf. The acting mayor, Titus Scarnetti, had ordered the sheriff to accompany him to Haven so that the mayor could question the "saviors." Titus told the sheriff they were dangerous so the trip would be under a heavy security protocol. Citizens saw the procession going to Haven, and many joined the parade out of curiosity.   Mayor Scarnetti told the Saviors that he did not believe the rumour that they were leaving town to face a runelord. He accused them of making up a preposterous story to bolster their image with the townsfolk. Or, he hoped, they would use it as an excuse to leave the town while saving face. Jayvielle and Kilgor questioned his position as mayor, acknowledging Kendra Deverin as the true mayor. Titus told them that they simply had to produce the body of the man who kidnapped her, ensuring her safety. Until that happened, the logical thing to do was for Titus to remain mayor. Perhaps the heroes couldn't catch the kidnapper. Perhaps they didn't deserve to be called the Saviors of Sandpoint. In face, Scarnetti claimed, they were more dangerous than any runelord.   Mite emptied his Bag of Horrors to show everyone in attendance just what the heroes had faced, and killed. Body parts spilled everywhere. The dismembered corpse of Mokmurian spilled out into a pile. Pieces of dragons scattered about. The stench of death was overwhelming. Sheriff Hemlock drew his blade in shock. The townsfolk screamed and ran, joined by the mayor and his entourage. "I told you they were monsters!" he announced as he fled.   While Mite cleaned up his mess, Sheriff Hemlock told the heroes there was another problem in town. An albino gentleman and a handful of cohorts stayed at the White Deer Inn. They had come to town looking for Sandpoint's "heroes." Jayvielle told the sheriff that they would go and speak with this person before leaving.   Garridan Viskalai and his wife nervously met the heroes at the entrance to the White Deer. Garridan told the heroes that the man they were looking for was waiting to speak to them at the nearby north gate. The party made their way north and found the albino and a handful of cloaked figures waiting for them. No guards anywhere. The albino sniffed the air, called the hero thieves, and demanded they return what they had stolen. This was no man - it was the ancient white dragon Arkrhyst in human form. "If you do not return my hoard, I will kill you, take the gold from Sandpoint, then wipe the town from existence."   Mite quickly pointed out that somewhere else would present a better hoard for him - Xin-Shalast. Jayvielle played to the dragon's ego, explaining the valuables in the city but warning that perhaps it was too dangerous for Arkrhyst. With his masterful diplomacy, he swayed the mighty dragon. Arkrhyst agreed to take the heroes to the city so that Arkrhyst could regain the gold lost to him. But if they lied to him, he would kill them and destroy Sandpoint. "Just be sure to start with Mayor Titus Scarnetti," Jayvielle said.   The four men who had come with Arkrhyst, all wearing some five-pointed starburst medallion, were confused. Why was the mighty Arkrhyst making deals with these people? "Because they, too, are mighty," the dragon told them. When the man questioned him, Arkrhyst stepped back and commanded the four men to kill the heroes. A battle ensued, and the Saviors of Sandpoint emerged victorious.    Arkrhyst looked down at the gurgling form of the man who had questioned him, stomped down on his throat, and kicked the man's head away. He returned to his colossal dragon form and said, "Let us go."

Rewards Granted

  • Ding! Level Fifteen!

Character(s) interacted with

  • Arkrhyst - Ancient White Dragon who is looking for his stolen hoard.
  • Reno - Cleric from another time.
Rise of the Runelords
Report Date
30 Apr 2023
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