Session 6 - Beneath the Glassworks

General Summary

  • Ameiko Kaijitsu wanted to go to the Sandpoint Garrison to speak to her brother Tsuto Kaijitsu before he was taken away to Magnimar.
  • Tsuto refused to divulge anything at first. Ameiko cast Charm Person on him a few times before it finally took hold. She and the party asked him a few questions, trying to get clarification about what he had written in his journal. He confessed that Nualia Tobyn, his love, was on the island of Thistletop. She had a shine to Lamashtu set up there and was planning to shed her "celestial taint" and become a true demon. The first step was sacrificing the remains of her father, Ezakien Tobyn. There were several plans in place, but the idea was to use the goblins to wipe out Sandpoint and sacrifice all the citizens in the next step of her ascension to her final form. He also mentioned that the goblins had set up secret passages through the nettles on the shore by Thistletop as the best way to gain entrance.
  • Tsuto admitted that he didn't know what was in the tunnels beneath the Glassworks factory, but Nualia made him promise he would not go in there. Ameiko suspected there was something important to Nualia in there if she didn't want Tsuto to poke his nose in the tunnels.
  • Deputy Evans told Ameiko that two of his men may have gone missing in the smuggler's tunnels. He hoped for the best but until more bodies could be provided to assist the reduced number of troops in town, Deputy Evans regrettably barred anyone else from going into the Glassworks. Ameiko pointed out that she was now the sole owner of the factory and that the Saviors of Sandpoint would be going in on her behalf. They would be exploring the tunnels and would retrieve the guards if they were found.
  • Truett created a few scrolls of Cure Light Wounds for the group, and they went into the factory.
  • Beneath the Glassworks, the heroes found one of the guards, dead. They were attacked by a hideous creature with elongated jaws and claws. They fought a number of these creatures within the tunnels.
  • The party found that the tunnels seem to merge with another dungeon, something more structured. They found a prison, a torture chamber, and a temple. All very old.
  • They also found a quasit, one that seemed important to both Tsuto (he suggested using it in their raid against Sandpoint) and Nualia. They managed to kill it after it created yet another of the spawn, which they also killed.
  • After some healing, but with spells depleted, the party decided to check a couple more doors before returning to the surface. They found footsteps that could have been from the other guard and followed them down a long flight of stairs. On the other side of a door, they found the guard's body. It was being fed on by a lethal Vargouille, which turned its attention from its current meal to several potential new ones.

Rewards Granted

  • Rapier from the red statue.

Missions/Quests Completed

The Story So Far (through various rumors and clues):

  • Nualia had been tormented for her entire life by the citizens of Sandpoint due to her aasimar heritage. The children teased and harassed her as some kind of freak. Adults wanted to touch her and asked her to heal them, believing she was an angel. Growing up, the child had no peace.
  • Ezakien Tobyn, the priest of Sandpoint and Nualia's adopted guardian, wanted his daughter to join a prestigious nunnery due to her obvious celestial heritage. 
  • At some point during the time of the Late Unpleasantness, Nualia, left pregnant and abandoned by a local boy and shamed in her foster father’s eyes, finally succumbed to her anger and forsook the goddess Desna for the goddess of monsters and madness, Lamashtu. She burned the church to the ground, killing her foster father and several clergy members who were trapped inside. It was believed that Nualia had also perished in the fire, but in truth, she fled town and disappeared.
  • After five years, Nualia returned to Sandpoint and found herself drawn to the brick wall in the smuggler’s tunnels. Nualia bashed down the wall, and in so doing, discovered the catacombs within. She also discovered a quasit, also a follower of Lamashtu. For many months, Nualia studied under the quasit’s tutelage.  She was guided to Thistletop, home of not just goblins but another shrine to Lamashtu. She, along with her lover Tsuto Kaijitsu, began uniting the various goblin tribes with the promise of carnage and mayhem against the humans and citizens of Sandpoint. 
  • During the first smaller raid, Tsuto retrieved the remains of Nualia's foster father and delivered them to Nualia. She sacrificed those remains to Lamashtu, and in return, the mother of monsters began Nualia's transformation into a demon. Nualia promised more souls to come, and in return, Lamashtu would help to cleanse Nualia of what she called her "celestial taint".   
  • Tsuto, Nualia, and some of the goblin leaders have tried to make plans to conduct a final major raid against Sandpoint. Nualia had been distracted with the lower chambers of the temple to make a final decision. She claimed that once "Malfeshnekor" is released and under her command, there would be no need to be subtle. How long until Malfeshnekor is freed is unknown, but that may be the final nail in Sandpoint's coffin.
Rise of the Runelords
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30 Nov 2020
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